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EFT For Emotional Eating

Do you desperately want to lose weight?  

Are there certain foods that you just can’t resist and your love of them stop you from losing weight? 

Do you find that you have this uncontrollable desire to eat when you are stressed, bored, lonely or sad?

If this is you, then there’s a high chance that you are an emotional eater. Emotional eaters can’t resist food when they feel certain emotions and this stops them from losing weight. 

The good news is that this can easily be overcome. Emotional eating is caused by the beliefs in a person’s subconscious mind and what they have have linked food to in their earlier experiences.

For someone to break this pattern, they need to change their beliefs, emotions and links to the childhood experiences that have caused the problem.

The good news is that I use EFT Tapping & hypnosis to change the underlying beliefs, so that they can effortlessly stop eating the foods that are preventing them from losing weight and help them to start eating healthier foods instead. 

EFT For Stress & Overwhelm

Are you feeling so stressed and overwhelmed right now that it is starting to cause you either mental or physical health issues?

 Are you feeling so stressed and overwhelmed that it is causing you problems with other people and you want to know how to feel calmer, so you can get on with them better?

Are you experiencing a health problem right now that you think is either caused by or made worse by stress? (The body will often struggle to heal if it is in fight or flight mode)

Emotional stress and overwhelm  can often cause or make worse, all sorts of problems for people. They can cause social, mental and physical problems, which can have a seriously detrimental effect on a persons’s life.   

EFT can help reduce or eliminate  emotional issues, that are blocking someone from either healing or having the life that they want. 

 I help people to identify and then eliminate the beliefs, feelings and previous experiences that are causing them stress and overwhelm.

 As I’m a qualified life coach as well as an EFT practitioner I can gently help them to make key changes in their lives that will help them to reduce stress and feel better. 

EFT For Dating, Relationship & Breakup Issues

  • Are you looking for the one but finding dating hard and stressful?
  • Do you want to improve your relationship with your partner but don’t know how?
  • Are you experiencing a breakup and want to stop the pain? 

The relationship arena can be a very emotional one.

All emotions are caused by subconscious beliefs.

I specialise in identifying beliefs and emotions that are causing every dating, relationship and breakup problem.

I use this knowledge and EFT Tapping & hypnosis to help clients to easily change their inner worlds, so that they change how they think, feel & react to others, so that they can get peace of mind and create the types of relationships that they want.

+ Many dating, relationship and breakup problems are caused by or cause self-esteem issues.

So, I also help clients to change their beliefs, so that they can learn to genuinely love themselves. Are you ready to start a journey of self-love?   

What People Are Saying

“I have had three sessions with Emma and she is knowledgable in the way the mind works, friendly, easy to chat to and helped me heal a couple of situations that I have had for years!” 


HR Advisor

“The sessions with Emma have completely changed the way I view life and myself. I have more self-worth, am less stressed in social situations. I am now a much more confident and happy person, after just four sessions”



“I love Emma’s matter of fact style. She identified my relationship blocks very quickly. She then used EFT to change the beliefs I had that were causing me problems. I now feel far calmer and get on far better with all of the people in my life”


Business Owner


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